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Testimonies and update



June 2021

I had done many group retreats in the past but never a silent retreat. As someone who learns from the insights and conversations with others, I felt that the silence wouldn’t be fruitful for my faith formation. However, I was still always curious as to how I would fare on a silent retreat. I was in the middle of doing the “33 Days to Morning Glory” preparation for Marian Consecration when I received an invitation to attend a Crusaders of Mary silent retreat. On the spot, I was surprisingly moved to respond with a “yes” shortly after reading about Mary’s Fiat the previous day.

In the short, silent 3 days, I had learnt more about myself and Mary than all previous conversations with others combined. It wasn’t a knowledge that penetrated my mind, but a knowledge that penetrated my heart. During the retreat on the Feast of the Visitation, I consecrated myself to Mary in the silence of my heart. Silence is the beginning of all fruit – of prayer, of patience and of peace - three important things that my life often lacks in a busy, noisy world. Striving for silence and its resulting fruits through Mary (often so quiet and silent in her appearances in the Bible!) has been a great, unexpected fruit of the retreat, especially from someone who is often so social! Don’t be afraid to say “Yes” to the silence nor to (the Crusaders of) Mary!

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It was my first time to participate in the Camp this year. I had heard many things about it the year before and so I decided to take part. The moment we arrived, the camp had begun. When we came to where we were camping, we were put into groups and immediately we learned the skills of setting up a tent, organizing ourselves and helping others around us. On hearing that we had to shower in cold water every morning all sorts of ideas might come into your mind. But it all has a purpose! Living among nature, sleeping in a tent and using only what few things you have, you learn to appreciate how little we actually need every day to be happy. From the Camp I bring back many things. First of all, I have improved my Spanish and have many, many memories. The skills of being punctual, generous, united with your group. I have realized how important silence is in our lives and how I need to make a daily routine for myself so that I am constant with my resolutions and the things I do every day to help myself be a better person. The hikes to Almanzor and Morezon are a real school of what it means to overcome yourself and no matter how scary it sounded at first, I would do it again. If you want to learn more about the Crusaders or the Militants of Mary, I strongly recommend you take part in the Camp, even if you don’t speak Spanish!

Testimony WYD



I wish I could say that I have lots of knowledge or insight to share with you about Mary. However, that is simply untrue. I only have personal experience. And mine starts with WYD Poland. It was there that I said more prayers and shuffled into more church services than ever before in my life. It was exhausting, difficult and overwhelming. At times I resented being there, prayer? Again! Surely there were more interesting things happening that we could go to.

An exception was the rosary; for some reason, it wasn’t as daunting or difficult. And it was at WYD that I learnt to pray the rosary.

When I returned home, I was unsure what to do with my WYD experience. Overall it had been amazing but it was unrealistic to expect that I would run to church on Sundays because of it. Yet, again, there was an exception. As I started my placement in an all-boys secondary school I found myself in great need of help. The boys seemed to use up my every piece of patience and energy.

That is when I prayed the rosary once more. Any real help seemed unlikely, Jesus was meant to have been perfect and Mary sinless but I prayed nonetheless. Desperate times, desperate measures and all that. I then learnt that she is the mother of all of us, after which I prayed all the more. The mother of a fully human/ fully God being brought me little hope but the mother to all? Myself included? That is a woman who knows a difficult child.

And I found that slowly yet surely my classroom changed. My students became more agreeable. I wasn’t as bothered by their bad behaviours and far more joyful at their good behaviour and successes. By the end of the year I could see so much goodness and potential in each of them and had far more reason for praise than complaint. Maybe praying the rosary changed them. It probably only changed me. But something changed and I don’t know if it would have happened without Mary.

Testimony – Consecration to Mary



I believe that my consecration to Mary has brought blessings. Whether or not I can attribute this to the consecration, I have received many graces since the consecration which have profoundly impacted on my life, very deep and beautiful graces. God chose Mary to look after His Son in a most intimate way and He chooses her to look after us, brothers and sisters of Christ, also.




My name is Sadie, and on the eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, with several other girls, I consecrated myself to Mary. 

One of my favourite mysteries of the rosary is the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin. When I think of her Coronation, I think of the triumph of the virtues she held to the highest level - kindness, patience, humility, courage, poverty of spirit... Consecration to Our Lady means, for me, making a commitment to live out these virtues, knowing that the Queen of Heaven is watching over you, guiding, correcting, and comforting, as we strive to follow her example. Hopefully, by her intercession, and the grace of God, I may be able to grow in these qualities.




The Consecration to Our Lady was very special to me. It was a great experience which I will remember because it gave me a feeling of liberation. I brought all my prayers and intentions before Her and I was filled with a sense of liberation. I felt free and I knew that she has my life in her hands and she takes care of me. I felt the love that she gives to her children and I trust her with my future that she may guide my way in life!

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