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Crusaders of Mary

Secular Institute

The Crusaders of Mary is a Secular Institute of pontifical right. Consecrated in the midst of the world and living the spirituality of contemplatives in action as imitation of Our Lady in the family of Nazareth, we participate actively in the evangelization mission of the Church.



The Crusaders of Mary is a Secular Institute founded by the Spanish Jesuit priest Tomás Morales Pérez S. J., whose process of canonization is in progress. On December 8th, 1956 we were approved as a Pious Union. On May 13, 1989 it was the approved as a Secular Institute of diocesan right and on May 13, 2000 as Secular Institute of pontifical right.


We live the consecration that is characteristic of a Secular institute: fully consecrated to God in the midst of the world, through the profession of the evangelical counsels (chastity, poverty and obedience). Filled with a deep spirituality, we develop our apostolic activity above all in the field of education and campus ministry, with special attention to the youth, young people and families.


At present, the Crusaders of Mary are in 19 dioceses in Spain. We also are in Germany, Italy, Ireland, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Cameroon, Cuba, United States and Uruguay.

Charism and Mission

Our spirituality is born from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and the rich contemplative life that flows from the Carmelites. We are an “Ignatian trunk with Carmelitan sap”, in the words of Fr. Morales.


The charism that Fr. Morales transmitted to us is characterized by seeking apostolic holiness in the midst of the world, living a spirituality of contemplation in action in imitation of Our Lady in the family of Nazareth.


Our mission is oriented to evangelize, through a incisive presence in all the secular realities. Looking at Christ, we seek holiness in our professional work. Each Crusader of Mary in carrying out her work in a competent and hidden way finds the best means to unite herself with Jesus as Fr. Morales prophetically proposed ahead of his time, the vision that years later the Second Vatican Council would offer about the promotion of the laity in the Church and in the world. He devoted his life to help the laity discover the riches of Baptism, in the family, education, the culture and the professional work.


We offer families a frame for evangelization oriented toward cultivating its genuine values. Among the initiatives for the Christian promotion of the families that we lead, one stands out: the Berit Institute, a center for study and formation, guidance and family action.


We desire to contribute to the formation of the whole person, taking Christ as our model. Education in all its stages is our main apostolate since this contributes to the development of the new generations, to build and develop an authentic Christian civilization. Educating in and for freedom, educating in loving, demanding the best from the person and sharing our enthusiasm.


The evangelization of the culture is key because in it the fate of humankind is at stake. It is “a demand of the culture and a demand of the faith” (Fr. Morales). Among the initiatives in this field stand out are the Encounters for College Students, the Seminars for Philosophy and Bioethics, the Circles of Study and the Cultural Association in different Universities.  


The work is aimed at the development and promotion of the person and the search for the common good. It is a quarry of sanctification for the Christian, and especially for the consecrated ones in the middle of the world. It is our first mission field.

Works Promoted by the Institute

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