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Campaign of the Visitation

From May 31 to October 7

The Visitation of Mary is not more than the prelude of Her life on earth and in Heaven: give herself to others giving them to Jesus

 Fr. Morales

Our Lady’s Visitation to Elizabeth teaches us a new way of living this summer: with joy, authenticity, and simplicity. After the Annunciation but before the Visitation, she was only the Mother of God. Now, upon the Visitation, inspired by the Life that she bears, she becomes Mother of mankind.

Our Lady lived a perfect balance between contemplation and action. We, today’s youth, need to live this balance, too.

Her visit to Elizabeth is not passive but active: Mary allows grace to act without any obstacle. In this way, the sanctification of the precursor, John the Baptist, is produced, as well as that of his mother, Elizabeth.

The Visitation lasted for four months. If Mary’s arrival alone produced such joy, imagine the joy she brought over those four months! Little by little, with care and generosity, she formed John the precursor. John was the greatest of the saints because he was prepared by Mary.

Today, Mary asks to us, too, to become her Son´s hands and feet.

She will train us, and we will be missionaries of love.

This summer, would you like to imitate Our Lady by evangelizing the people in your life?

Goal of the Campaign

To be a bridge between God and young people, bringing them closer to the sacraments and to propose, with your own testimony, a new life style.

Means to live out the Campaign

To always forget about ourselves in order to give ourselves to others.

Here are some tips for living the campaign:

  • Be generous with your time.

  • Share your talents.

  • Do not complain about anything.

  • Give everything; keep for yourself the worst thing.

  • Visit a sick person.

  • Perform your duties well.

  • Forget weariness.

  • Do not complain about work or the people around you.

  • Be pleasant with someone who dislikes you.

  • Pray the Rosary with fervor.

  • Do not waste your time doing worthless things.

  • Pray for missionaries.

  • Pray for the purity of young people.

  • I will never get tired of always starting again.

  • I will do daily fifteen minutes of a spiritual reading.

  • I will go to Mass daily, specially during the feast days of Our Lady (July 16; August 5, 15 and 22; September 8, 12 and 15)

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